Evomcloud created by W2W with is the highest level of dynamic intelligence that automates all online activities to distribute products in marketplaces, affiliate networks and price comparators.


The group was born as a limited company (Innovative Startup) from different experiences of the founders in the world of strategic marketing, commercial, distribution and finance.


We distribute products in the major international marketplaces.

An incredible opportunity. Millions of buyers are waiting for you!

We manage online sales, logistics, product delivery , banking issues and customer service in all languages.

Consumers are everywhere your products must also be.

At this very moment, millions of consumers are comparing prices to decide where to buy.

Our strengths

No e-commerce

With W2W it is NOT necessary to have an e-commerce to access our online distribution system


With W2W, YOU KEEP your company's main distribution channel.

You produce, the marketplaces sell

Con W2W continui ad occuparti esclusivamente della produzione, a tutto il resto pensiamo noi.

There is no need to register in the marketplaces.

With W2W it is not necessary to have the own account in the marketplace, if you sell, it is necessary to process it all over Europe

Customer service.

With W2W we take care of the end customer, who acquire PRODUCTS around Europe and we do it all LANGUAGES.

Monthly billing

With W2W the billing of the products sold is monthly with the BtoB report, YOU SELL to us, and we SELL to the end customer.


With W2W we take care of the management and billing related to the sales income of the customers who buy, in accordance with the laws in force in the country where they live.

Shipping and returns

With W2W we manage and organize the shipment with the main courier companies nationally and internationally, so we also take care of any returns from the customer.

Simple and safe shipping!

Receive the order, prepare the package and we take care of the rest.

We guarantee safe shipments with the best courier services, complete insurance and advance payments for all the products sold.