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We grow together by focusing on the activities in which we are each specialised.

We win together

The management and development of an online distribution project involves a series of activities and investments for companies that often make them give up. The ideal solution is a partnership that focuses on developing the business in which everyone is specialized. The company the product and we take care of the technology, the online distribution, the deliveries, the administrative aspects and the service, in all languages, to the final consumer. Marketplaces sell and couriers guarantee deliveries on time.


The fundamental thing for us is the precision and reliability of the PARTNER COMPANIES that we select.


The products must be available in the warehouse and can also be sent in individual packages, if they are not in stock they must be able to be produced quickly. Even the delivery time is up to YOU, a product purchased online becomes even more attractive if it is available in the shortest possible time.


The size of the product photos should be min. 1000 × 1000 pixels on a white background as they represent one of the most important aspects of the product presentation. An excellent product cannot have low quality photos, otherwise, the perception of it will be reduced and it cannot be published.

Price & description.

Describe your PRODUCTS in the best way, enhance them with the strengths, the characteristics that make them UNIQUE, the materials, the colors, everything makes sense when there is no tactile perception and in the online world it is like that. Conveying in words what cannot be touched! The price is up to you! Your experience and your knowledge will make the difference.

Availability and waiting times.

You determine the availability of each product. For us the important thing is that they are always UPDATED to avoid bad experiences for our and YOUR clients. As for DELIVERY TIMES, you also determine them, nobody knows the organization of your company better than you. The important thing for us is that the delivery times you have chosen are respected and true. Our deliveries are punctual, we ask the same from You.


What we do is exactly what makes Win2Win UNIQUE IN THE WORLD.

Sales and revenue

Sales are made through W2W in the main Marketplace. We distribute YOUR PRODUCTS, we can do it with your brand or with ours, that depends on you. The most delicate aspect is related to billing, manufacturers and wholesalers are often not structured to manage billing in BTC, towards the private customer. This would not be a LIMITATION! We manage the income and invoice the end customer who buys YOUR PRODUCT. At the end of each month you will have the SOLD report and you will issue an invoice net of returns (we also manage them).


We take care of logistics in case of stocks in stock, large quantities or even the choice of extra-European Marketplaces. In all other cases, the products remain in your warehouses, ready to be shipped! We have advantageous agreements with the main parcel and courier companies, which have more than 370,000 shipments per year. This translates into SAVINGS for the final buyer. It is often decisive in the purchase of a product because it makes the final price more attractive and competitive (product price + shipping costs).

Customer care

Customers buy YOUR PRODUCTS from anywhere in Europe. For this reason, it is important that they find a quick answer in case of need. Our customer service is made up of a staff that interacts with the end customer in 12 languages. Final customer satisfaction is the basis of our work. A customer satisfied with the PRODUCT you offer and the SERVICE we offer. BUY AGAIN

Strategic marketing

It is not enough to have the best products from selected partner companies. WE ADVERTISE in our accounts and, above all, in the PRODUCTS that we decide to DISTRIBUTE. We are interested in doing so because our profit is in the sales of YOUR PRODUCTS.

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